Wednesday, March 12, 2008


by: Binding Designs, LLC

Facebook is a social networking utility that is very good at what it does. It is a 60 Million user website that allows people to find their friends & family and meet new people. It is similar to MySpace, but in my opinion is much more advanced. The user interface is not so "childish" and ads are not polluting the web pages as MySpace does. There is one ad that shows about 2/3's of the time and is hidden over on the left side of the page. It does not cause any friction in the user experience. I can't say the same about MySpace. The ads are everywhere. I don't understand how MySpace is as succesful as it is with all the Ads everywhere.

MySpace is not the only competitor that Facebook has. Their are many new Social Networking sites spawning all the time. Bebo is one that is similar. Bebo's Developer's tools are so similar to Facebook's developer tools. MySpace, however, uses Google's OpenSocial platform. It is much different and is based on JavaScript and rests on the Client-side. Facebook's developer tools must be written in a Server-side language such as PHP. Facebook has FBScript which is JavaScript with a Facebook "coat" over it.

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