Monday, March 17, 2008

Organized Projects

by: Binding Designs, LLC

In order to successfully organize a project, there are steps to be taken. Getting the most done in one step is not the best way for the long run. It is better to organize in the beginning than to have a mess in the end. A project that was written as quickly as possible is typically impossible to work with afterwards. It is sometimes easier to rewrite a piece of software, than to work on an existing piece of software that was not organized properly.

There are many considerations to be taken while organizing a project. For example, creating a large website with LAMP will take some thought. It is not a good idea to mix the HTML/CSS/PHP/JavaScript/MySQL all into one stew. They should all be separated from each other as much as possible. There should be a HTML template to inject the data into. The Database layer should be separated from the non-Database library. The JavaScript should not be mixed with PHP and HTML. The CSS styles should not be inline with the HTML. The CSS should be separated out in and the HTML tags should be given classes.

They should all be separated or a huge mess will arise and it will be impossible to work on the code later on. Doing research and properly planning will save a ton of time in the end. Follow a few basic design guidelines and it will make the project go much more smoothly.

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