Friday, January 9, 2009

Amazon Campaign Performance

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Increase your referral rate to6.50% by referring 24 more items.

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The Adwords was unsuccesful at conversion rates. To get 145 clicks from Adwords, it would cost at least $0.15 each for the keywords that are relavent. If the clicks could be bought for $0.05 each, then 145 clicks would cost $7.25 and 11 orders would for sure make up for that expense. The conversion of clicks from Adwords to my site and then from my site to Amazon is probably less than 50% also. This would bring the costs up to around $16 to get 145 clicks to Amazon. It would make out to be about even. There would be little profit. I would say about 60% bounce after visiting it. It is difficult to obtain $0.05 clicks from Adwords, however. If I were to stuff tens of thousands of keywords and bid $0.05 Max Cost-per-click, then it could profit. Note: A lot of the 145 clicks did not come from Adwords for this experiment. I placed ads on several of my websites and Facebook applications.

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