Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Humans vs. Machines

What do you think the difference between a machine and a human is? I don't think there is much except that humans created machines. I believe that life is no different than machines. If you took all the elements that a human is made of and put them together just like a human, would it be human? I know that it would be a machine. Life is matter that is coordinated and shaped like an engine. An engine could be built where it creates copies of itself and the copies each have a slight variation from each other. If only the superior clones survived, and the clones carried on the traits of the parent clones, then it would evolve. Out of all the moving matter in the universe, there is nearly infinite shapes of matter. The universe is very large and there is a lot of movement. It would be just a matter of time before matter landed in the shape of a machine that evolves. This is a theory of what happened and where life came from. No one can prove this, as of now, but it is technically possible and there is a good chance of it being true.

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