Saturday, May 31, 2008

Xanga Weblogs

Xanga is another blogging website that is community based. It is a social-networking blogging website that has a really nice interface and very easy to use. It is not very different from any other blogging networks, but it is just as good as some of the greatest blogging websites. The biggest difference is the credits that users can earn and even purchase for money. Having credits allows you to give "mini" to others users blogs. These are little images. If someone gets a mini, they earn credits and give it to other users. This is a nifty feature that users could use to get traffic.

The prices as of now:

# $5 = 5000 credits
# $10 = 10000 credits
# $20 = 20000 credits
# $50 = 50000 credits
# $100 = 100000 credits

Users can easily give minis to other users blogs and get a link back to their blog. A mini is easier to give than a comment sometimes and they don't have to be relevant. This is the only feature that really differentiates this from any other blogging website.

View my Software Blog created on Xanga.

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