Friday, May 30, 2008

Twitter - Social Networking

Twitter is a social networking site with an interesting little twist. The whole purpose is to answer a simple question: "What are you doing right now?". People can follow others and see what they enter. This is a really simple concept, yet, it has all the essentials of social networking. It is easy to find others by keywords such as "software". I did a search for "boston software", looking for people interested in software in my location, Boston, MA and I got about 40 results. I clicked follow on them and now I can see their stories that they post. This is a somewhat focused social network. It is not as general as, say, MySpace or Facebook. I like that concept. Social Networks should be broken down to classify people. Why should everyone join the giants, when they could find a specific social network for people like themselves. For example, there should be a social network targeted towards "car fanatics", "basketball enthusiasts", "outdoors activities", etc...

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